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Angry Sharks

About Angry Sharks


See what's happening below the ocean's surface in Angry Sharks. After all, beneath the sea there is a whole other planet. No matter how deep the water is, though, people may still access it. Are you prepared to assume command of an unreliable shark?

Beware of the shark's story! This is a unique story. Humans have left no area untouched, including the ocean. The ocean is full of radioactive garbage. Our hero intervenes. Radiation transformed this predator. Mutant sharks are extremely hazardous. Control the human-made monster and devour fish to get bigger. Big fish devour little fish, thus nothing can stop you from becoming the biggest. This game is mouse-only. Left-click to catch fish. Avoid pufferfish since it's dangerous. Radioactive waste and corals are deadly. Your health bar is in the upper left corner. Fill the bar by eating heart-shaped fish. This bar shows how much you've grown and how much more you need to consume. Enjoy!

Radiation has been irradiated onto the shark, resulting in the animal's mutation. He subsists on fish while floating around in the ocean. The more food he consumes, the taller he will become. People are frightened of him, and as a result, they are working to eliminate him. Make every effort to withstand their assaults.


  • 5 levels 12 types of obstacles
  • Radioactive sea setting
  • Simple control

How to play

  • Control the shark with the mouse cursor.

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