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About Amogus.IO


You have been dispatched by General Among Us to take the YRZ-15 space station. Fight for the territory against other impostors. Don't lose your environment.

Don't let the Amogus foes get the best of you! Capture territory, defend your borders, and take control of the entire station! When an impostor flees its domain, it becomes susceptible and leaves a trail. It will die if you hit it, and its territory will be released. Maintain a safe course while attacking opposing paths. Conquer the station's largest region to claim the throne!

Fill the map with your color as you go among the imposters!

  • You'll navigate around the world with your crewmate/imposter using the mouse, but you'll also want to see this astronaut character you've created, whose color is chosen at random by the computer.
  • Point the mouse in the direction you want to go to continually fill the map with your color because the more of the map you cover, the higher you will rank.
  • Keep an eye out for players ranking higher than you and have more of the map covered than you because you will be removed, and your objective is to be the last one remaining!

How to play Amogus.IO:

  • To control your character's movement, use the touch screen on your mobile device.
  • Use the mouse or the keyboard (WASD / arrow keys) on the desktop.

Good luck, have fun, and we hope you'll stay for the rest of the fun on our website today!

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