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Fall Beans

About Fall Beans


Fall Beans is a multiplayer racing game with moving obstacles played in an environment. Race to the finish line while avoiding hordes of opponents.

Fall Beans is a multiplayer game inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that is available for free. You may race against your buddies in large multiplayer arenas or a password-protected game area. Several levels have traps, such as falling floors and shifting walls. Emojis and dancing moves may be used to communicate your feelings to other players.

Level-Up Bonuses

The more races you finish and, ideally, win, the more XP you'll gain. You can level up with XP. Select the stars on the menu screen to have a look for yourself!

If you want to seem like a seasoned Fall Beans player right away, you may buy various cosmetic things in the store with gold.

How to play Fall Beans

  • Your mission is to race on a complicated platform. Your only aim is to be the first to cross the finish line.
  • It's worth mentioning that the track has a lot of complicated obstacles. In addition, you must dodge all obstacles in the race.
  • You will play as a pretty charming cartoon character in the game. You can even select a picture of your favorite cartoon character.

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