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Description is the most special survival game ever for you to experience. Where you have to fight a lot of evil monsters to survive to the end

GLOR was created by the same people that made GLOR.IO. You've never seen a survival RPG game like this before! Create farms and castles, battle creatures, attempt to survive a harsh winter, ride a motorbike and shoot with a crossbow, fight for treasures, and take control of the server!

What is the best way to obtain resources?

Gather wood with an ax and Stone/Gold/Diamonds using a pickax. This tool's golden variant is more durable and gathers a lot more resources every hit!

What is the best way to get food?

Food may be obtained from pigs, bears, penguins, and other animals. But the most excellent option is to start a farm. Piggies mature over time and can provide you with extra meat, so don't harvest it right away!

How do you stay warm in the winter?

White bears should be avoided at all costs, as they are extremely dangerous! Before traveling into the winter, make sure you have enough dust and a lot of logs and pebbles! Check your temperature bar; if it starts to grow chilly, you're dead, so build bonfires to keep warm. Fur from rabbits may be used to construct a fur cap that will keep you warm for longer.

Features in

  • Shields and Swords!
  • A fully functional inventory system with the ability to save stuff between sessions!
  • Create and construct!
  • Individual and group transportation!
  • The fire that moves!
  • A variety of headwear and weaponry, ranging from a club to a flame cannon!

How to play

  • To move, use the WASD keys.
  • Use the mouse to aim, then left-click to take action.
  • To open inventory/building menu/craft menu/map/teams, press Tab/B/C/P/M
  • While constructing, hold shift to build in a row!
  • Manage your inventory while holding shifts to divide stacks!
  • To move objects in the chest between your inventory and bins, use Ctrl + Left-Click on them.
  • T to toss goods that are presently equipped
  • Use +/- to zoom in and out of the camera
  • To choose equipment, press 0-9
  • P to open map - Enter to talk

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