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Body Race Online

About Body Race Online


Body Race Online is a game with an excellent idea when weight and shape are no longer the norms, but we are trying for better health day by day.

In Body Race Online, you may choose how your body will look. Your decisions will affect the consequences in this game, just like they do in real life. Simply strive to make intelligent decisions that will result in the most satisfactory outcomes! Do you believe you can control your impulses and make good decisions?

You have many options to put things right in this game. You will be guided through several stages where you will be presented with several alternatives from which to pick. There will be hamburgers, ice cream, and Coca-Cola on occasion, but nutritious veggies will also be. Your character will eat whatever food you select to walk through, depending on your chosen icon. This will eventually determine whether or not you can advance to the following level.

Features in Body Race Online

  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • There are several levels to accomplish
  • Levels that are both entertaining and addicting
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Unlockable skins

How to play Body Race Online:

  • Because you must be under a specific weight to pass the class, you should select food choices that will help your character maintain a healthy diet.
  • Always choose nutritious foods and additional activity symbols to help your character lose weight.
  • Let's try to control your urges and reach new heights by maintaining a healthy weight!

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