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Description is a fun survival game in which you control a traveling tribe and assist them in gathering resources and surviving in the wild.

Use two simple tribal members - an ax-wielding and a bow wielder - to gather wood and hunt animals for nourishment. Use the resources you've gathered to expand your tribe and learn new skills. You must roam across the globe to discover good farming and hunting places; keep an eye out for opposing tribes that may try to attack you! To acquire resources and build your tribe, construct a range of various troops such as woodcutters, missionaries, axmen, and miners. This game is quite enjoyable to play and will test your management abilities and your capacity to live! Create your wandering tribe right now!

Features in

  • Several upgrades can be purchased.
  • With more units, the cost of summoning and purchasing equipment rises.
  • You have the option of equipping a team with any gear you like.
  • There are a lot of enemy units on the map.
  • Your groups will behave independently; all you have to do is move the totem to direct them.

How to play

  • Grab the totem to move your minions around. If you get close to an object, your minions will interact with it - but this will require proper equipment.
  • Bow lets you hunt animals, ax gives you the ability to cut down trees, and so on.

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