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War Brokers

About War Brokers


War Brokers is a game where all the players in the world are waiting for you to join the battle. The war is cruel when full of dangers are waiting for you.

However, it won't all be weapons, knives, and rocket launchers. You may also jump into a tank, a jeep, a jet plane, a helicopter, and other dangerous vehicles at As you hide five stories above and try to pick out targets with a sniper rifle, remember that a harrier jet may be flying five floors above you with heat-seeking missiles pointed at you as you try to line up a shot. T's frightening, and it'll keep you on your toes, but that's for you. This is a game that will make you a better player due to your participation in it. Don't let the pretty bit-pixel animations deceive you. Our opponents' emotionless expressions may appear bizarre and lovely until you witness one of them emotionlessly chopping you down with an AK47. Hat's correct. Brokers. It is a fast-paced, first-person, 3D shooter that focuses on having fun while making tactical decisions. Layers begin on an equal footing with all weapons and vehicles available to them. The player's ability and tactical decisions will determine the outcome. Will you be trampled underfoot by a Sherman tank, or will you be able to rise above it all and become the conquering hero? Our won't know unless you give it a go, and that's half the fun.

Features in War Brokers

  • 3D large maps
  • Customize your character and vehicle.
  • Military vehicles that can be ridden
  • Classic and Battle Royale are the two-game types available.

How to play War Brokers

  • Forward (W)
  • Backward (S)
  • Left Strafe (A)
  • Right Strafe (D)
  • Crouch Toggle (C)
  • Jump by pressing SPACE. You may climb to higher regions by jumping two more times from a vertical surface after your first jump. Look for items that you can leap upon to go to higher ground.
  • Toggles continuous run using the LEFT CTRL-key.
  • Enter/Exit Vehicle (F). Package Pick-Up/Drop-Off Missiles can be raised or lowered. (When you get near enough, a notice will appear that says Press F.)

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