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Parkour Block 3

About Parkour Block 3


Parkour Block 3 is a brand new jumping adventure game. Where the only way to survive you have to jump from block to block continuously, let's play now

Parkour Block 3 continues to enthrall its fans with this brand-new leaping experience! You must keep jumping for the sake of your life. You must go to the gate, even if the floor is covered with lava. Jump from block to block to save your life. In this journey, you may be composed of pixels, but that does not make you eternal. If you lose even a smidgeon of your equilibrium, you're dead. Is everything in order? Let's get started on our expedition, shall we?

You're going to enter a dangerous situation. Evil powers have devastated our world, and we must now survive above the flames. The goal of this amazing 3D skill game is to go to the purple doors and finish all of the levels. To complete this quest, you must complete 43 difficult levels. If you step on the lava, you will die. When you first start the game, your character is standing on a brown block. Jump on these brown platforms to go through the purple door. Even if you fall into the lava, you must have the courage to begin again.

Features in Parkour Block 3:

  • Graphics in three dimensions
  • 43 difficult stages with fun gameplay
  • Controls that are easy to use

How to play Parkour Block 3:

  • The WASD keys and the mouse are used to control the view.
  • Press the SPACE BAR to leap.
  • The difficulty level of the game will grow as you advance through it.
  • Before taking a step forward, make sure you're gazing in the right direction. Keep an eye on where you're going!

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