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Bob the Robber

About Bob the Robber


Bob the Robber is a game that will make you satisfied when you first experience the feeling of being a hero thief. A lot of poor people need your money

Stage a series of daring robberies in Bob the Robber! After growing up with the interesting stories of the courageous Robin Hood, Bob likes aiding others with his lock picking and burglary skills. The first game in the series, Bob the Robber, tells the story of how the protagonist got into the stealing business. There are shadows, guards, security cameras, and dangerous guard dogs on this journey. Put on your masks and tip-toe your way through the stages. Being quiet and hidden is the first rule of being a successful thief!

Bob the Robber is a fun game for all ages to enjoy. Stealth and puzzle solving are the game's two most significant features. As you go through the stages, you'll come across locked doors, hidden treasure, terrifying guards, and dangerous guard dogs! Please keep your voices down! Even a single cracking noise might lead to your detention. Your aim in each stage is to conduct a heist without getting caught. You'll have to pick the locks on the doors to get past the guards. As an adept and resourceful thief, Bob's trusty lock pick is always in his pocket. Wait at the right moment to wedge the lock pick into the opening to release the mechanism and pop the door open. In some states, you'll have to turn off lasers. Locate the fuse box and cut the necessary cable to do so. The guards are overconfident, and they routinely go about without looking behind. That is a defect in your personality! Bob has the ability to slip into the shadows and strike when the time is right to take down the guards. Now that the security officers have been dismissed, Bob is free to continue his quest. However, if one of the various monitoring cameras detects you, things may not go as planned!

Features in Bob the Robber

  • There are five levels in all.
  • There are several sorts of opponents to conquer.
  • Puzzles that are difficult to solve
  • Avoid being detected by sneaking about.

How to play Bob the Robber

  • Make your way through each level quietly to avoid drawing suspicion. If you don't want issues, keep your calm around cameras and don't let a guard notice you.
  • You'll encounter hidden valuables, closed doors, hostile guards, and more on your thieving expedition, so you'll have to be covert. You will fail the level if you are caught.
  • You can rob as much as you want by striking guards - but only when the time is right - disarming lasers to escape discovery, picking door locks, and so on. You're a modern-day Robin Hood, aren't you?

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