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Description is a high-speed and crazy jumping game with cute ducks. Your task is to control a duck to get it to the pool as quickly as possible.

Prepare to have a good time in the restroom in Rubber ducks are entertaining to play with within the tub, but these noisy toys have other ideas. Join the race to the bathtub by taking a seat on the water slide! Is it possible for you to be the first duck to reach the tub?

Duck, duck, duck! It's time to start preparing for the marathon. In this game, your goal is to be the first to finish the water slide course by racing against other players. Go to the main menu and press the play button to begin the game. You'll start to slide down once more people join the fun. Move your cursor left and right while pushing and holding the left mouse button to control your duck. You'll come across many boosters along the road.

How to play

  • Green arrows accelerate you while geysers propel you into the air.
  • To go to the first spot, you can jump off the slide and glide through the air to a different area.
  • Make sure you don't tumble to the ground. Otherwise, the game will finish.
  • Coins are awarded for completing the race.
  • These may be used to purchase new ducks.

Features in

  • Use boosts to gain speed and fly to other portions of the circuit.
  • To get forward, knock other ducks over the ledge.
  • Upgrade your duck's appearance with a new design.

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