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Hex A Mong

About Hex A Mong


Hex A Mong is a game with engaging gameplay that will conquer anyone. It's best to run as fast as possible to become a great survivor.

In this intergalactic adventure, the crew of the spacecraft creates a competition to have some fun. Do you want to take part in this tournament? You must sprint nonstop on hexagonal panels on a special three-story platform equipped with artificial gravity; if you stop or slow down, you will fall. Because each hexagon you touch vanishes in a fraction of a second, you must stay as long as possible in this entertaining arena.

You're allowed to fall twice. You lose the game if you fall for the third time. In 2-player mode, you may play the game alone or with a companion.

How to play Hex A Mong:

  • Controls: WASD keys are used by Player 1 to move.
  • Q (jump) ARROW keys are used to move Player 2. Space jump

Wish you have the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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