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Description is a game with the most number of students playing today. You will transform into a bad student who messes up the school as much as possible.

During recess, pupils try to cause chaos as teachers try to stop them. You may either play as a student trying to fill up the chaos meter by committing pranks or as a teacher trying to stop them by catching them and putting them in detention. With 4 to 12 players, rounds last roughly 5 minutes. Prove that you're either the most troublesome kid or the strictest teacher this school has ever seen!

How to play

  • Damage school property by riding bikes and crashing into it.
  • Flush entire rolls of toilet paper to clog toilets.
  • Set them ablaze and let them burn to the ground. The list could go on and on.

Find out about additional fun ways to engage with the environment. Make sure you don't get caught. Keep an eye out for naughty youngsters and report anything suspicious as a hallway monitor. Gaming does not have to be violent in order to be enjoyable. Play to join the never-ending battle between chaos and order. To win the round, work together to either preserve or demolish the school.

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