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Crowd City

About Crowd City


Crowd City is the ultimate city hunting game for those who like the feeling of conquest. Collect white characters and become the strongest team in the city.

A good leader understands how to get the masses to follow them wherever they go. Crowd City is an incredible and game where you start as a lone wolf and attract groups behind you. Unaffiliated individuals abound throughout the city and need a leader to rally around. In this challenging and entertaining game, can you be the leader? If that's the case, get out there!

In game, your goal is to run about the city and gather the most significant number of members. Remove other players or have the most participants when the timer runs out to win the game. You may select a color for yourself before you begin the game so that you can easily distinguish your crowd when things grow too crowded on the map. You may choose from a total of nine bright hues. Press the play button when you're ready to start the competition. You'll see a lot of other players on the map, much as in many games, and they all have the same goal as you.

Tips for playing Crowd City

  • The white people you can eat, let's collect a lot.
  • The number of people you have is displayed on the top. Pay attention to the number to collect a smaller number of troops.

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How to play

  • Press and hold left mouse to move.

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