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Description is a game where you play like a nasty sea creature with a tusk on its head, stabbing your enemies, decorating your weapon with the victim's head!

You can choose to be a shark, a whale, or a dolphin. There are over 20 skins to pick from, as well as various weapons.

Features in

  • Strike or be stabbed is an aggressive stab-or-be-stabbed game.
  • Bonuses at random to give you an edge
  • To improve your score and boost meter, kill foes and eat food.
  • To improve your fish and armament arsenal, unlock achievements.

How to play

  • If you stab someone or get stabbed, you will die instantly!
  • Gather food to replenish your boost tank!
  • Scores are earned by killing foes and consuming food.
  • As you progress through the game, your weapon will become longer.

Another unblocked game you can play at school is called Slope 2 Unblocked. I don't think many people will know it. We hope that more people will like it.

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