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Ice Party

About Ice Party


Ice Party is a game where you can unleash your self-expression on a track of 10 other opponents. Quickly overcome other opponents to become the leader

Arrow keys to the left and right. However, avoid falling off the platform or colliding with the cones. Otherwise, you'll have to start over! This is a game that puts your speed, endurance, and ability to destroy the competition to the test. Your opponents are all professional players, so there will be many challenges for you to overcome.

How to play Ice Party

  • When the timer runs out, you will be awarded points based on how far you progressed in the game.
  • However, to earn additional points, strive to reach the finish line before the timer runs out!
  • You may make use of our 40 maps, which are chosen at random.
  • You may have a private game party with all of your friends, or you can join an ice party on one of our public servers.

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