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Black Stallion Cabaret

About Black Stallion Cabaret


Black Stallion Cabaret is a puzzle game with a merging mechanism in which the goal is to protect your train from various beasts by fusing different items that may be used as weapons.

What else would you require if you already possess an armored train? Yes, a complete train car packed with charming dancers was traveling through the countryside. Get them to go across the entire country while simultaneously entertaining people in cities, improving your train, and fending off monster invasions. The objective of the game is to protect the dancers from harm while simultaneously transporting them around the entirety of the country. In the main mode of the game, you will need to combine objects that you have crafted in the workshop in order to increase the level of those objects and improve dancers, weapons, and the workshop itself. You will face a large number of adversaries along the path, thus it is imperative that you have weapons to defend yourself. The gameplay is completely hands-off. A bunch of monsters has to be vanquished in the next thirty seconds. The townspeople appreciate the dancers' performances and reward them with details about the train cars. You have the option of purchasing additional train carriages or enhancing the functionality of the ones you already have by adding information to them.


  • You can play this game for free. 
  • A combination of a puzzle and a merging mechanic.

How to play

  • Merge items and increase their level. 
  • Double click on an item to use it.
  • Defeat the monster squads to move to the next town.
  • Get carriage parts in the town and level up your train. 
  • The level of the workshop influence the maximum level of crafted items and the size of the warehouse.

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