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Cat Runner

About Cat Runner


Cat Runner is a very good running game that is loved by many players today. Chase the robber and discover many new things on the way, enjoy these moments

In Cat Runner, you must flee the thief as quickly as possible. A guy approached you as you were minding your own business with your well-deserved cash and began following you. He's planning to rob you! You should be able to get away from him, but your path is littered with stumbling blocks. Can you save your money and outsmart the thief?

You play as one of the most popular cats of all time in this game. Chubby, talkative, and utterly adorable. However, he is now in serious jeopardy. When all you were doing was chilling on your own, one of the evil men tried to rob you. It's entirely up to you to keep yourself and your money safe. You're good to go if you can run as fast as you can. But proceed with caution. Your path is littered with stumbling blocks. Buses, automobiles, and barriers are some of the challenges. If you run into certain barriers, you'll either slow down or end yourself in the clutches of the thief. As a result, try to run slowly and keep a clear path. Remember that you have the option of using your skateboard or one of the other vehicles that you may unlock. Last but not least, you'll be accumulating a lot of coins along the route. This implies you'll have the option of upgrading your points and money. With that money, you may go shopping and purchase new skins. So be sure to pay attention when playing the game, complete the daily chores, and get your daily rewards!

Features in Cat Runner

  • Graphics that glow in three dimensions
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Controls that are simple and easy to use
  • Numerous degrees of difficulty

How to play Cat Runner

  • LEFT arrow: Move left
  • RIGHT arrow: Move right
  • Up arrow: Jump
  • Down arrow: Slide

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