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Chiki's Chase

About Chiki's Chase


Chiki's Chase, a courageous bird, is in need of your gaming ability to help him go to his new home. In this pixelated environment, jump when it's appropriate, avoid dangers, and watch out for enemies. You have three chances to get home in good shape and without injury. Enjoy the three distinct worlds, and with each game, improve your score. They shouldn't stop you from finishing this amazing new game. Collect coins to unlock new skins.

Chiki, a bird, must navigate a hostile environment filled of traps, obstacles, and opponents in order to advance through each level and attain his goal. We always promise that you will enjoy our running and jumping games with adventure features from beginning to end, and Chiki's Chase is sure to be one of the most fun ones on our website!

Take care to avoid the spikes, holes, and other hazards that have been put in your path. If you do, you will lose one life, and after losing your third life, you will die right away, necessitating the restart of the level. As you progress through the run, collect as many stars as you can. Later, you may use them to purchase alternative skins for your bird and extend your fun by making it appear different. That's all there is to it, and it will undoubtedly be fun from beginning to end, so get going immediately and see for yourself how much fun you can have right now!


  • Casual level game
  • Survive and better your score
  • Shoot enemies while jumping
  • Unlock new skins with the coins you earn

How to play

  • Use the mouse left click to jump and right click to shoot.

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