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Fruit Ninja

About Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a game that will drive you crazy with its addictive nature. Quickly chop all the fruit to become the best Ninja

Prepare to relive your childhood ninja days with Fruit Ninja! Before you begin the game, a small caution! This game might drive you insane since it is so addicting! All you have to do now is chop these luscious fresh fruits while avoiding the explosions. Collect a lot of points with your razor-sharp knife. How far can you go before your screen explodes? Are you interested in learning more? Then let's see what we can find out!

One of the most famous ninja games is back for another round! We're confident you've seen this fantastic game before. Even if you haven't played before, you can quickly learn the rules and master the game. All you have to do is use your ultra-sharp knife to cut the fruits in half. However, there will be stumbling blocks for you to overcome! First and foremost, keep away from the explosives. Only fresh fruits should be sliced. You'll lose one of your life if you don't. From the right top corner of the game screen, you can view all of your lives. The game is done once you've used them all up. To get additional points, try slicing numerous fruits at once. Do you have what it takes to be the king of the fruit ninjas? If that's the case, best of luck and have fun playing!

Features in Fruit Ninja:

  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • Enjoy an endless slicing experience.
  • Collecting combo points
  • The game is entertaining and addictive.

How to play Fruit Ninja:

  • Hover the mouse in front of the screen to cut the fruit, dodge the bomb

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