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Hamster Maze Online

About Hamster Maze Online


Hamster Maze Online is a fun game where you guide your lovely mouse out of a maze in search of food. Fun maze game with exquisite 3D style and simple operation

Hamster Maze Online expertly blends skill components, puzzles, animals, and adventures all in a 3D-rendered setting where you are about to have a truly amazing time from start to finish, just like we did since it was the major motivation for our team to share this game with you!

Assist the hamster in navigating the maze!

To drive the labyrinth hamster through the maze, use the mouse or your finger to interact with the touch-controls on the screen. He must go through platforms, obstacles, and numerous other stuff, and if you reach the finish of the course, you will be rewarded with a large number of snails. If you want to obtain a high score, avoid being trapped, falling into pits, or being hit by too many traps. You should also aim to pick as many fruits as possible along the journey. It's that easy, and it's certain to be a lot of fun, so we want to see you start your hamster adventures right away!

How to play Hamster Maze Online: Drag to move


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