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Impostor Archer War

About Impostor Archer War


Impostor Archer War is an addictive game in which you control a character to kill all opponents. Killing the enemies to get coins and use them to be stronger.

In this game, you need to use arrows to kill the enemies. The character will shoot automatically, but your need to press 12345 keys to use special skills. Moreover, you also need to use arrow keys to move left or right to avoid the opponent’s attack. When the enemies fall down, you can receive some coins. The coins can be used to unlock new strong characters and power up your skills. There are many levels for you to play and you need to pass the previous levels to unlock the next levels. 

The characters are inspired by Among Us series, so they may be familiar to you. The easy gameplay can bring you a relaxing time after a long day. Let’s defeat all enemies and get more coins. Good luck! 

Features of Impostor Archer War

  • The fun character
  • The music and sound effect are good
  • Use coins to unlock new characters and upgrade your skills

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • 12345 to use special skills

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