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Merge Push

About Merge Push


Merge Push is a very addictive game when the numbers are no longer as dry as before. You don't simply need to show your intelligence to get the highest number

Merge Push will take you into deep space! This game adds a unique twist to the standard merging game that you're familiar with. This time you're floating in space, surrounded by numbers. You've been given a fun assignment that will need you to apply your mathematics skills. Are you ready to put your talents to the test right now?

In this game, you must bring together identical blocks and merge them into one block, much like in a traditional merge game. When a block is merged into another block in this game, you obtain a block with a consecutive number. To acquire the block with number 4, you must get at least two of those blocks side by side when you start with a block with number 2. Keep in mind that when you merge a block and obtain a new block, the number on the merging blocks will arithmetically rise. You won't run out of room in the allotted time since you'll obtain one block from two or three. At one point, your goal is to avoid running out of room. This will be achievable because when you combine several blocks, the barrier on the table will rise, and you will get points for each block you merge. Below the grid, you will be given a new block to send among the blocks. You may send the block by just clicking on the square where you want it to go. Now is the time to cleanse your head in order to devise successful tactics for merging numbers!

Features in Merge Push

  • 2D images with vibrant colors
  • Strategic thinking is required.
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Time and space constraints!
  • It's a fun merging puzzle.

How to play Merge Push

To insert a number block, click on each column.

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