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Mini Golf Club

About Mini Golf Club


Mini Golf Club is a free multiplayer competitive game. In this fast-paced sports game you will face off against six other players. Let's play now

Compete against people all around the world or just have a good time with your buddies. In public matches, you are matched with random people depending on your chosen region. Invite your friends to private matches that you create and arrange to your desire. Hundreds of tough levels await you. Keep an eye out for tough barriers and take advantage of shortcuts. On each course, master dynamic components. To achieve your goal, use jump zones and speed boosters. The game's re-playability is enhanced by the fact that most levels can be completed in multiple ways. Each match comprises of three holes, with the purpose of completing them in the fewest number of strokes possible. If you and the other players have the same score, the quickest player wins. Coins are awarded after winning matches, which may be used to purchase cosmetics like as headwear and trails. Make your ball unique to stand out from the crowd.

Features in Mini Golf Club:

  • Up to 6 people can play multiplayer.
  • Compete against other players online and on the course in real-time.
  • Play with your buddies and have a good time.
  • Relax, aim, and put in your own games.
  • Controls are simple and intuitive.
  • Fantastic 3D graphics.
  • Prizes are up for grabs, and you may personalize your ball.
  • Make your way through dozens of holes and courses.

How to play Mini Golf Club:

  • To aim, hold LMB and move the mouse.
  • To hit the golf ball, release LMB.
  • Zoom in by scrolling.
  • To change the camera, press C.
  • Toggle the light by pressing L.

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