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Rabbit Samurai 2

About Rabbit Samurai 2


Rabbit Samurai 2 is an exciting game where you have the task of finding bees. Have to go deep into the forest with many traps. Be careful

Our hero will have to search the woodland for the lost bees today. You will assist him in this in the game Rabbit Samurai 2. Your character will emerge on the screen in front of you, and this character, led by you, will sprint through the forest. Take a careful look at the computer screen. Your hero will face several hurdles and hazards along the journey. It would help if you made your hero leap and soar through all the contaminated areas along the route. There will be strewn things and carrots all over the place. You'll have to assist the rabbit in gathering these objects. You will receive a specific number of points for each of them.

How to play Rabbit Samurai 2

  • The rabbit is moved by firing a rope with a knife attached, which you may accomplish with the mouse or the arrow keys.
  • Shoot the knife rope, stretch it out, and drag the rabbit along with it.
  • As you progress through the courses, collect as many carrots as possible, and don't forget to pick up the three bees along the route.
  • Collect the bees, get the carrots, and stay away from any barriers or traps that lead you to become trapped or die since you will have to restart the level from the beginning.
  • The stages get increasingly difficult as well as more enjoyable, and we are confident that you will not be bored during your travels with the samurai rabbit!

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