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Rocking Sky Trip

About Rocking Sky Trip


Rocking Sky Trip is an arcade game. In this game, you navigate a ball on a dangerous platform which is in space. You must avoid all obstacles on your way.

This is a hard game where you have to die and try again and again. This game is a remake of the game TrailBlazer with extreme difficulty! In the game, your avatar is a ball rolling on a platform and you have to control it to avoid obstacles and other things. Be careful when your movement speed is very fast. So watch carefully for obstacles on the way, otherwise, you may crash into the fence and stay away. If you can pass them easily, you can try to collect all the treasures on your way as a challenge. To complete the challenges, you will need to use your skills and agility to overcome obstacles and survive in dangerous environments. In addition, with 3D graphics, you can operate smoothly and touch lifelike.

To challenge players, the game has 5 levels of which four are available and one is coming. While there are only four different levels to play, each is quite extensive and can be difficult for you to complete at the start. So, show maximum dexterity and really lightning-fast reactions to become the sky-conqueror.

Another interesting piece of information, the game was published by Y8 Studio and released on October 4, 2017. However, now you can have fun with this free online game on our web. It is playable on multiple platforms (desktop or phone).

Besides, with simple gameplay, children can also play this game. Are you ready for a thrilling adventure in the sky? Play and write your name on the leaderboard.

Tips for this game

  • It’s easier when playing with the mouse
  • Don’t try to collect gems, then fall into the space
  • Utilise the support items like springs 

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse to control the ball

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