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Description is the most addictive mess game that will make you fall in love, not the criminals, but this time, you will be the royal warriors going to fight.

Welcome to's rough and tumble universe. This is a game about battle royales, not about a couple of mafia brothers in France who want to get the French version of a Big Mac. In, you'll go toe-to-toe and face-to-face with gamers from all around the world. They'll all be equipped to the teeth with various full-auto, semi-auto, and semi-automatic weapons. We believe is the game for you if you like to set traps, dump explosives, or fire rockets. Prepare for a next-generation 2D Battle Royale shooter with explosive gunplay and never-before-seen features!

How to play

When you initially start the game, you'll be assigned to the match warmup, where you'll fight other players with random load-outs until the fun begins. At the start of the game, you will spawn on an aircraft that will transport you throughout the map. Make care to check the minimap for a good landing spot before jumping out. Once you've landed, you'll need to locate your first weapon quickly to protect yourself from hostile gamers. Be wary of the Compound B vapors circle; it deals a lot of harm to your character. Use the minimap to see how the process is traveling. Money and weapons may be found in chests strewn throughout the map. In the Buy Stations, you may purchase unique things that you can utilize to your benefit. The BattleDrop is one of the most crucial things. It will provide you with your pre-made loadout weapons and perks, all of which are Legendary in rarity. The objective of the game is to be the last person standing.


  • The W A S D keyboard keys control your character.
  • With the mouse, aim your weapon and shoot with the mouse button 1.
  • To reload when you're out of ammo, press R.
  • Press the E (Interact) key to enter a vehicle, pick up weapons, or go to the Buy Station.
  • To change your weapon, use the mouse or the number keys 1, 2, 3, X for special weapons, and G for grenades on the keyboard.
  • The map screen will increase when you press M or Tab, enabling you to plan your following actions.
  • Holding space while driving a car will activate the drift mode. Keep in mind that all controls can be rearranged.

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