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Run Of Life 3D

About Run Of Life 3D


Run Of Life 3D is the ideal game for anyone to enjoy, you can live many new lives that you have never tried. Don't forget to prepare for the next shock

Life is like a race; everyone starts at the same spot, but the height we can achieve before the finish line varies. Some people have done little with their life, while others have left a legacy of meaningful experiences and discoveries for future generations, ensuring that they will be remembered. Run Of Life 3D is an enjoyable parkour game with a life theme. In the game, what type of life may you have?

Features in Run Of Life 3D

  • In this genre, there's a lot of fun to be had!
  • Graphics that are both beautiful and bright!
  • An easy-to-use UI!
  • Controls are simple!

How to play Run Of Life 3D

  • To keep the girl youthful, you must assist her in selecting green goods and doors using a 3D game engine.
  • As a result, rather than dying on the stairwell outside, she might enter paradise.
  • Your Life Time is sixty when you begin. You may improve her Life Time and Speed Of Upstairs using jewels you've acquired.
  • The gems, you know, are on their way to paradise. As long as you're in your twenties

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