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Springy Walk

About Springy Walk


Springy Walk is an adventure game that will take you back in time to the days of Slinky toys. In this game genre, assist the slinky in walking downstairs and completing levels.

Slinky toy is a part of childhood of many people. It can accomplish a variety of tricks, such as end-over-end journey down a flight of stairs while stretching and re-forming itself with gravity and its own momentum, or appear to levitate for a period of time after being dropped. This Springy Walk is inspired by this childhood toy.

Swipe to change the length of the slinky step. Pay attention to every step and avoid stepping on the thorns that grow from the ground. Besides, also try to collect diamonds (in each level there will be 3 diamonds). When you collect all 3 gems, you will activate immortality mode.

How to play: 

  • Reach the finish line
  • Avoid spikes
  • Collect gems Try to step on the center of the gem to get extra bonus for the perfect step!

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