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Survive The Glass Bridge

About Survive The Glass Bridge


Survive The Glass Bridge is a life-betting game where you need to be very alert to make decisions. Play with your friends to see who will be the last survivor

In the game Survive The Glass Bridge you aim to reach the other side by selecting the appropriate glasses. Because one of the two glasses on the platform is made of thin glass, it cannot support the weight. This is why you're going to fall. To tell the difference between the two glasses, you'll have to look closely. You may adjust the difficulty level of your ability to distinguish between the two glasses by picking them from the main menu. Furthermore, the game is ended if you do not reach the opposite side within the time limit.

To proceed to the next and final glass, you must find the correct glass and leap over it. It would be best to cross the other side within the time limit. You can obtain an edge in comprehending the difference between the glasses by selecting the game's difficulty level from the main menu.

How to play Survive The Glass Bridge

Character movement: W,A,S,D
The arrow keys Space, jump To see the surroundings, move the mouse about.
Wish you have the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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