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About XRacer


XRacer is a high-speed 3D infinity racing game. You will drive at breakneck speed. Collect credits as you race and use them to buy items in the shop.

If you are looking for a game that can challenge your reflexes like Color Tunnel or Slope, then this game is a perfect choice. In this game, your main task is to control your spaceship at high speed. There are many buildings on your way, so you have to avoid all of them.

This game takes place in Star War 3 when our Earth is invaded by aliens. They build defences to prevent you from saving the world. However, there is still a way to step on a spaceship and fly over the city to dodge enemy attacks. Since jets fly at max speeds but at low heights, so try your best not to crash into any buildings ahead.

On the way, do you see those blue circles? You can drive on them to earn more credits. The more credits you collect, the more interesting items you can buy in the built-in store. Later on, the game will become much more difficult. The difficulty is that the buildings will start to move, adding more difficulty and danger to your journey. The game will stop immediately if you crash into any building or fall to the ground.

XRacer Game was firstly published on most game sites in July 2015 is developed by IEC Corp. XRacer is an HTML5 game so you can play it online without downloading. The game uses Unity WebGL technology to give you stunning 3D graphics when playing on any web browser. 

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How to play

  • Use the left and right arrows or A/D keys to navigate your spaceship.

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