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About Ducklings


Ducklings is a game where you will transform into a duck to rescue ducklings from underwater dangers. Your wife is waiting for you to bring your children home

You're swimming about looking for as many lost ducklings as possible to bring back to your nest. However, because you are not the only caring parent duck in the pond, other ducks will attempt to take your ducklings from you in exchange for the honor and enhancements to your nest.

How to play Ducklings

  • Ducklings Must Be Saved
  • Swim around the water and float near the ducklings to save them. Return the ducklings to the nest. With each voyage, you can save as many ducklings as you wish.
  • Your nest is enhanced each time you meet the goal number of ducklings. Rep the process of protecting ducklings until your nest has grown into a formidable duck fortress.
  • Stay away from the danger!

In, you're not alone. Other ducks are also competing to rescue the ducklings, and they will not hesitate to take your hard-won ducklings. Keep an eye out for sly ducks and avoid being hit by a boat. It's game over if you are struck by a boat!

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